There are at least 3 Brains in the Human Body (4, if you count the enteric bio-flora). The Cerebral Brain (which lives in the head); the Heart (which has its own neural system and produces its own support chemistry); and the Enteric Brain (which also has its own nervous system and chemical support). The Enteric Bio-flora (intestinal microbes) constitute a separate super-organism which in itself controls the other brains at various times.

Each brain has its own specialties and functions and we are healthiest when each is operating with maximum coherence and in perfect resonance with the others.

Additionally, our DNA is interdependent upon its interaction with the environment for its healthiest proper expression. Cellular health and well-being are essential to the function of the aggregate biome as a whole.

All of these interrelationships and more depend upon aspects of our consciousness, personality attributes, and perspectives on life. What emerges from these and many similar considerations is what Conscious Vitality is all about.